Presenting the latest in a trusted family of 40mm Grenade Launchers, Milkor unleashes the new 40mm Super Six MRGL. The Milkor 40mm SuperSix Multi-Range Grenade Launcher, is a versatile sixth generation six-shot ...Product details


The Milkor success story had humble beginnings when founder, Mr. Andries C Piek, having had friends and family at war, felt heart pressed to serve his country through his work. Mr. Piek, a young aspiring gunsmith, had all the appropriate talents and knowhow to develop and create revolutionary weapon systems – and after having had the idea for a multiple grenade launcher he built Milkor’s first prototype Multiple Grenade Launcher in his backyard workshop in 1980. The original twelve-shot prototype went on to be developed into the six-shot Multiple Grenade Launcher and was soon adapted by the South African National Defense Force and called the Y2. Since then, more than 50 000 of Milkor’s Multiple Grenade Launcher systems have been sold in more than 50 countries worldwide...

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Written by Guy Martin of DefenceWeb

Specialist South African grenade launcher company Milkor will soon launch a new range of sniper rifles, as it diversifies and expands its product range to stay a step ahead of the competition. The company, exhibiting at the Land Forces Africa conference outside Pretoria earlier this week, displayed some of its new hardware to delegates. Milkor is famous for its six-shot 40 mm multiple grenade launcher, which is in use with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and which has been widely copied. Read more