Milkor working on new products

Forty millimetre grenade specialist since 1981, Milkor Pty Ltd is working on a couple of new products that will be revealed in the next six months, including a high volume less lethal system. While reluctant to reveal too much detail on the other project, a weapon with long range applications, Andre da Silva, Manager: Marketing and Technical Support at Milkor, told defence web that to his knowledge the high volume less lethal system will be the first such weapon in 37/38 and 40 mm calibre. He said there is a huge demand for such a system, especially given the number of riot situations in the world at the moment. Qualification will take between six to eight months.Da Silva said that Milkor’s flagship Super Six multi-shot grenade launcher is “going like a bomb”. This latest evolution of their six-shot multiple grenade launchers (MGL) features a new recoil reduction system, redesigned stock and new optics. It can fire low velocity, medium velocity and less lethal rounds. The medium velocity rounds can be fired at ranges in excess of 800 metres.A relatively new product from Milkor is it's 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher, development of which has been completed.

The launcher features a patented trigger system that uses a button, rather than a trigger, to fire the grenade. This is so that a soldier does not get confused between his rifle trigger and the grenade launcher trigger – something which could have fatal results. Either an aluminium barrel for light weight or a steel barrel for durability is fitted. Da Silva said that one of the benefits of a steel barrel is that there is no clogging as when aluminium rounds slide through aluminium barrels.Da Silva said that Andrew van Dyk, when affiliated with Milkor, was planning to import a range of sniper rifles (in .30 to .338 calibres) but Da Silva and management decided against it as the company did not want to upset the local sniper market and is rather sticking to its expertise of 40 mm grenades.Milkor was one of the companies taking part in the Rheinmetall Defence Day event held between 21 and 22 April at the Overberg Test Range in the Western Cape. Several of their weapons were fired during demonstrations, delivering a multitude of payloads such as smoke, tear gas, flash-bang etc. Milkor has sold in excess of 70 000 multiple grenade launchers in some 55 countries around the world since inception more than 30 years ago.

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