Milkor is a South African defence company which was established in 1981 as an original designer and manufacturer of the hand held 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher weapon systems.  Over the past 36 years, Milkor has supplied in excess of 60,000 weapons to more than 60 countries worldwide to military and law enforcement ranging for lethal to less-lethal.

Milkor's vision is to be a supplier of a wider range of defence and security products. Current product range company offering to market is including 40mm grenade launchers, ammunition, sighting systems, armoured vehicles, weapon systems for vehicles, bulletproof vests, complete uniforms, deployable tents, etc.

Milkor prides itself in providing after sales service of high quality and standard, currently maintaining a status of zero rate complaints, rejections and returns. 

  • Proudly South African brand established 1981
  • Internationally known for its 40mm multiple grenade launchers
  • Adheres to local and international codes of conduct
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Best-of-breed status
  • Performance driven designs
  • Milkor products have a reputation for toughness and reliability
  • The R&D section is constantly advancing new products
  • After-sale support and training
  • 7 000 sqm production plant
  • Thorough and stringent quality control tests
  • A member of the South African Aerospace Maritime & defence association (AMD)